2020 Sponsorship and Advertising Form

Warrick County Summer Musical

$ 0.00

Sponsor/Advertiser agrees to secure a sponsorship or place an advertisement in the Warrick County Summer Musical program and is authorized by above company/corporation to make such decisions. Said corporation/company/individual agrees to pay the stated fee for chosen sponsorship/advertising in exchange for benefits noted. Sponsor/advertiser assumes full responsibility for advertising content with the understanding that the Warrick County School Corporation and the Warrick Public Education Foundation reserves the right to reject sponsorship/advertising copy. All ads and payments must be received by June 25 for inclusion in the program.

Please use mouse or finger to sign in agreement of contract.
Please let us know of anything special you need related to your ad or sponsorship.

Art submission options will be presented in the email sent as confirmation of this sponsorship. You can also email it to mailto:advertising@warrickmusical.org.