Alumni memories across the years

24 years of arts education in Warrick County


So many great memories from great shows!  I remember camping out at  Mrs. Johnson’s yard after the final show and cast party! – Kathryn Turbek (Huffman)


There were so many wonderful memories. But to sum up the overall experience, I would say honored and humbled… To have been part of the launch of the Summer Musical program and helping it to grow during its early stages. And then to see what it’s become and how many lives have been influenced. It’s amazing how much the program evolved and got better even over the course of those first three seasons and how much it shaped who I am. – DJ Martin


One of the best ways to exit my high school years, was playing the part I had always set my sights upon. The cast and crew were all terrific. – Joshua Lamb


The musicals were some of the best theatre experiences of my life! It was an honor to be a part of the amazing talent pool for the Warrick shows. – Chase Eaton


I loved this production so much! The sets were absolutely stunning, the staging was very unique, and I loved the cast. I’m still friends with many to this day – 15 years later! The thing I remember the most were the sweltering run-throughs and performances. We all had on 2-3 layers of thick, wool-like costumes (we were in a cold woods, of course), but it was July in Indiana, and they didn’t always run the AC full blast! It’s a wonder more of us didn’t pass out on stage. – Jaki Clark


Too many great memories to narrow down! The basis of the two theatre programs I have designed are fully rooted in everything I learned during the summers at WCSC/WPEF Summer shows! – Jen Martin (Lilly)


I can’t pick just one. I spent some of the best times of my life working on these shows. I learned a lot about all aspects of theatre through this program! I don’t think I’d have the same drive and appreciation for theatre without the Warrick County Summer Musical! – Devin McBride


The friends I made from the Music Man (Wantan Pickle Dancers) will always hold a very special spot in my heart. The Chicago was a very special group that I still have lots of love for too! There are so many good memories! Making a music video before rehearsals with Whitney Wilson (Bernick), camping on Mrs. Gs lawn after strike, airbrushing tons of cat costumes for Alan Jobe, and being told I could dance by Chris Tyner (I have 2 left feet). The Warwick shows are very important memories for me and the relationships that I formed turned me into the person I’ve become. – Emily Ashmawi (Smith)


My two years in the summer musical program were such huge confidence boosters. Because I always found Mrs. Godeke to be so intimidating, the hard work and results she was able to inspire were always made worth it when you knew both she and the audience were pleased. – Nate Haddix


I think back on my time in Warrick County Summer Musicals as a time of great personal growth and friendship. Though I’m not in theater anymore, performing on stage with some of my closest friends sparked my passion for creativity and ultimately led me to seek out a field where I could express myself and tell the stories of others. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.  Jenna James


The Summer Musical program at Warrick County helped shape who I am as an artist and ultimately made me realize what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, music. I am now a working musician and songwriter and will never forget the relationships and life lessons learned on and off of that stage at Castle High School! – Carl Coles


Joseph was the closest cast I have ever been a part of. We were truly a family. That show was my first Warrick show, but my final summer musical. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, even though I was “the new girl.” I will forever hold that summer in my happiest memories.  Abby Kunkel


There are too many memories that I have made to put into this tiny box! But I will say a big thank you to the summer musical program, directors, and students for giving me something to be apart of every summer and for a family that I will always cherish. – Katie Moore


Warrick county summer musicals gave me the chance to find out a new love for the performing arts. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go on to audition and perform professionally.  Alejandro Fonseca


I’ll never forget singing “For Good” to Mrs. Godeke after her last show as our director during Cats of 2011. So many tears were shed. I grew up with her wonderful coaching and encouragement. – Kayla Mason


One memory I have is related to the rehearsal process of Hairspray (2012). That was my only time working with the Anteys, and I wish I would have been able to work with them in other productions. The trust they had in me from the start and the opportunities I was given were certainly factors for me when deciding to continue performing at Indiana University. – Noah Katz


The summer musical in Warrick county opened my eyes truly to what character development and research can do for a show. Eric and Amanda are wonderful directors and I couldn’t have asked a better to finish my high school career! I hope to work with them again and see this program keep expanding.- Craig Bryant Bellwood


My time with the Warrick County Summer Musical program offered much more than phenomenal training and opportunities. Throughout this program I found myself and by doing so reached heights I never could have imagined. – Austin French


The summer musical has been my life in the summer ever since I was in middle school! I’ve leaned so much from Mrs. Godeke and Mr. Antey as directors as well as Mr. Boyer as a music director! My love for theater has grown so much and I owe it to this program for teaching me everything I know! – Maxi McDaniel


This program has been what I look forward to every morning in summer and has been what I reflect upon as I fall asleep. The Warrick County Summer Musical program does more than produce a show. It celebrates music and the people that it impacts. – Austin Marchino


Through the Warrick County Summer Musical I have met some of my closest friends, built a foundation of knowledge in theatre to last me a lifetime, and found a love for this art that would lead me to choose it as a career path. Throughout each year, the directors of the program allowed me to showcase myself in the different areas of Musical Theatre, and created a joy about being involved. I can’t do anything but say an endless “thank you” to the founders and directors of the program, and continue to encourage high school students around the area to get involved and experience the excellence in theatre that the Warrick Musical holds. Cole Henrich

Warrick County Summer Musical


The Warrick County Summer Musical program began in 1997 and begins its 24th show in 2020. The show is a production and presentation of the Warrick Public Education Foundation and the Warrick County School Corporation. Major funding comes from the Warrick County School Corporation and show advertising and sponsorship.

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