Female Characters


Male Characters


Elle Woods

Lindy Howard

Emmett Forrest

Zane Phelps

Paulette Bounofonte

Abby Shinnerl

Professor Callahan

Trey Schellenberg

Brooke Wyndham/Store Manager

Whitney Wood

Warner Huntington III

Carson Peach

Vivienne Kensington

Jadyn List

Kyle, the UPS Man

Ethan Jaworski

Enid Hoopes

Ashlyn Thornburgh

Aaron Schultz

Gage McNew


Fio Pulido

Dad Woods /Dewey

Andrew Perry


Macey Montgomery

G.M. Chad/Nikos

Hayden Carter


Malea Plough


Ben Gollaher

Kate (Delta Nu)

Sophie Feightner


Landen Blanford

Gaelen (Delta Nu)

Emma Francis


Jake LeDuc

Leilani (Delta Nu)

Emme Ashby


Carter Lynn

Delta Nu Sisters:

Ava Bargeloh

Isabella Bertinotti

Adeola Esan

Chloe Hensley

Arwyn Horstman

Lilly Ireland

Ashley Jacobs

Ally Patterson

Maggie Phelps

Lola Phillips

Megan Rauscher

Elorie Rowe

Karmyn Shelton

Cassidy Sozio

Brooke’s BOD SQUAD in Whipped into Shape  (Part 1)

Hayden Carter

Andrew Perry

Ben Gollaher

Ethan Jaworski

Jake LeDuc

Mom Woods

Ella Bassler


Nicholas Antey


Jocie Horne

Prison Guard

Nick Tibieri

Courtney, the Sales Woman

Ellie Schultz

Chutney Wyndham

Alyssa Chaffee

DA Joyce Riley

Olivia Anderson

Student in “Variations”; Judge

Ella Thornton


Emily Taylor

Laker Girl/Hair Affair Employee

Maggie Phelps

Hair Affair Employees and Patrons/Dance in Bend and Snap -AND- Boston Women’s Correctional Facility  inmates (Whipped Into Shape Part 2)

Emma Adams

Alyssa Chaffee

Sarah Church

Makenna Counts

Chloe Cross

Jocie Horne

Grace McCormick

Kiersten Justice

Emily Scholer

Ellie Schultz

Madelyn Turpen

Abigail Volmer

Harvard Students/Bostonians/Ensemble

Mary-Katherine Andrews

Alexa Cecil

Kelsey Jacobs

Annie Juhl

Avery Kolb

Piper Like

Haylee McDaniel

Lyv Moore

Kate Richardson

Ella Titzer

Piper Weythman

Maya Zoll

NOTE: Many of the male and female cast members listed  will appear in other “groups” throughout the show as available.

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